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The Digital LCD display shows the time, as only the number, for example, instead of 12:08 p.m. in the short hand points to the number 12 and the long side 8 / 60 as the rotation of the disc. Digital LCD Watch display with a new time of 500 years

The first Digital watch, a Pulsar LED , a prototype in 1970, was developed jointly by Hamilton Watch Company, electrical and data. John Bergey, the head of Hamilton's Pulsar division, said he was inspired at that time since then futuristic Digital LCD Watch that Hamilton is a 1968 science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey. 4th Push finally ready in April 1972, a 18-carat gold and sold for £ 2100. It 'was a red light emitting diode (LED) display.

LED Digital watches were very expensive and out of the reach of consumers in the city until 1975, when Texas Instruments to start mass production of LED Watch made of plastic. These watches, which first sold for $ 20, reduced to $ 10 in 1976, saw Pulsar lose $ 6 million, and press sold to Seiko.

More hours of LED screens, which require users to click every few seconds, because LEDs used so much energy that can not be permanent. Normally, the red light. Watches with LED displays were popular for many years, but soon were replaced with LED display liquid crystal display (LCD), which uses less battery life and more comfortable to use, the display always visible and there is no need to press button to see the first time. The first LCD watch with a six-digit LCD 1973 Seiko 06LC, although various forms of early LCD watches with a four-digit display were marketed in 1972, including 1972 Gruenes Tele Time Watch LCD, and the electronic quartz Cox.
Timex Data Link USB Dress edition from 2003 with the display dot matrix, the invasion of the video screen.

Since 1980, Century, Digital LCD Watch, the technology has improved. 1982 Seiko produced a watch with a small TV screen built and Casio Digital LCD watch with a thermometer and another which could translate 1500 words in English in Japan. In 1985, production of Casio CFX-400 scientific calculator watch. In 1987 Casio produced a watch that can cause a phone number, and people who have shown a response to his voice. In 1995, with the yield on the Timex watch that allows users to upload and store data from your computer on your wrist. Some, like watches, Timex Data Link USB function matrix display. Since its peak in late 1980-century and until mid-1990, the fashion of a century of high technology, the Digital LCD Watch is often a simple and inexpensive piece of time, with a slight difference between models .

Despite the many advances, almost all watches with Digital LCD time display is used as a Watch. Dyrt collectors rarely see a Digital LCD display, because there is little demand. Less technical expertise needed to deal with Digital LCD Watch, and most collectors, the number of analog (in particular, with complications) vary in quality Digital LCD for detail and finish of the components of the remote distance (the difference between the cheapest and the most obvious).

At one point, the Watch ticked great things uncomfortable. Most of the daily attention they need, or ground to end the awkward mechanics. Things have changed forever with the arrival of a mysterious and expensive Digital LCD watch in 1970-beginning of the century. These gadgets are a great po 'di red LED indicates that you have in your pocket before you have the time.

Digital LCD Watch has become a phenomenon of the flight in early 1980-century with the advent of LCD monitors at low prices, so if you want to see or not. I was surprised to discover that Casio Casual Classics offers a wide range of watches with angular harkening to the days of the start of 1980-year. Most of them are fairly basic - easy retro silver or black, without fancy and complicated doodads Sports inconsistent. Do you have time, calendar, alarm Watch, perhaps, and some just read the display in dark caves or establishment. Since $ 7.95 is almost ridiculous.

Liquid crystals are organic substances that reflect light when voltage is applied.

In the fourth part of the LCD inserted between two layers of glass. Transparent electrode is used on the inner surface of the glass in the bar used for the Digital LCD time display. Integrated circuit voltage applied to the screen, which reflects the light from others, the time display. These molecules are affected by stress, so that contrast strongly with the molecules in the rest of the screen, what is not. LCD display emits light, rather than reflect, the tension is very low.
The researchers are aware of the liquid crystals in 1880.

The researchers are aware of the liquid crystal mid of 19th century, but the program only works on 1960-Tallet. Friedrich Otto Lehmann and Reinitzer first observed their behavior and their titles in 1880. The European laboratory, the researchers were aware of the physics and chemistry of liquid crystals in 1930, but it was not until 1960 that the investigation began in the United States in the field of basic research and practical applications of liquid crystals.
LCD Watch for the first time in 1970, but the screen should be improved.

The first LCD was developed in 1968 a research group at RCA-David Sarnoff Research Center, directed by George Meyer, Heil. This view is based on the distribution in a dynamic way. In 1970, Nunzio Luce, Louis Zanoni, George Graham, and Joel Goldmacher left RCA and joined Optel Corporation, where he developed the first LCD monitor for commercial purposes, including the Digital LCD display shows.

Since LCD monitors under the supervision of the DSM, energy consumption is relatively high, time-limited and low contrast, research continues on the LCD screen. James FERGASON at Kent State invented an improved display based on the twisted nematicide field effect in 1969. FERGASON left and ILIXCO Kent State Corporation formed for the manufacture of the screen. The first Watch with LCD display ILIXCO sold Gruenes. The display field is the most common type of LCD products today.

Electric Watch

The first generation came to power in this time period. They kept time with a pencil or a solenoid of some modern watches, quartz watches which are foreseen, with a steel fork that vibrates at 360 Hz, fed by a solenoid with a transistor oscillator circuit. It is more mechanical rolling. Automatic mechanical watches in shock mechanism and the balance beam resistant "white metal" has become the main standard. Treasures of mania because of inflation and jewelry stone of 100 hours.

Quartz Watches

The introduction of quartz watches in 1969, is a revolutionary display technology for improvement. [32], instead of a pendulum that fluctuations of 5 beats per second, using a quartz crystal resonator vibration, which is 32,768 Hz, the engine is powered by a rechargeable battery of the oscillator circuit. Instead of the wheels of the train to add the time in seconds, minutes and hours, with a Digital LCD meter. Increase the resonator Q, quartz with a low temperature, which leads to greater accuracy than the best mechanical Watchs, while the elimination of all moving parts of the Watch more resistant to shock and eliminates the need for periodic cleaning.

The accuracy increases with the frequency of the crystal is used, but also the power consumption. The first generation of Watch frequencies are a few kilograms of Hertz, which limits their accuracy. Isolation CMOS logic with 2 LCD monitors and increased generation of battery life and leave the crystal frequency should be increased to 32,768 Hz with respect to the accuracy of 5 -10 seconds per month. In 1980 years, the quartz watch took over one quarter of the market for mechanical watches.

Multi-function watches

Many computerized wristwatches have been developed, but no long-term success, because the user has difficulties due to small screens and buttons, and the short battery life. Miniature electronics became cheaper, watches have been developed with the calculator, tonometers, barometer, altimeter, video, Digital LCD cameras, KeyDrive, GPS receivers and mobile phones. In the early 1980s, the sale of Seiko watches, TV in it. This watch is also a bad reputation, and thus mainly geek toys. Some companies, however, seek to develop a computer for every hour (see also portable).

Hamilton Electric Watch

In 1957 the Hamilton Watch Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania produced the first electric Watch. Hamilton Electric Watch kept with the traditional wheel-balancing mechanism was used per hour for hundreds of years, and it is no more accurate than any Watch. However, rather than in the spring mechanism, the battery used to have wind machines, has been deleted.

Even if people like it that much more to the wind in the electrical contact resistance when it comes - who several times in their lives. This was the problem that the Hamilton repair services in the Watch was in 1961.

Accutron by Bulova

At this point, if Bulova next big step in electric Watch with Accutron Watch in 1960. This is a U-shaped piece of nickel, vibration, in response to an electrical current from the battery. This frequency is higher than in summer, so the first time have the power to clean up with the idea that the powers of the most accurate Watch. Accutron way the electrical contacts by introducing transistors, a Watch with a life without work worn. This view is also working closely with the U.S. space, which is in the Mercury and Apollo spacecraft of NASA on the moon.

Swiss Innovation

Nevertheless, the success of the Swiss watchmaker Bulova fear that saw a potential threat to their dominance in the high-quality watches. Together with over CEH research laboratory (center Horloger electronics). The CEH research to find a more accurate oscillator than the nickel horseshoe.

Quartz movements are used per hour in 1930 at the beginning of the 60 is also in the marine chronometers (though, of course, unpredictable). CEH goal to improve the accuracy and the mid-'60s Longines and Bernard Golay led to a Watch, the bag is exactly at 0.01 seconds per day.

In 1967, the first CEH quartz movement. Thank you for the progress in microelectronics, integrated circuits have progressed to a much less energy to use, enables miniaturization, so that the quartz movement in accordance with the Watch. Switzerland, but manufacturers continue to improve methods of mechanical and soon caught Bulova by traditional methods. After many years of research, such as the transmission mode, Swiss quartz movement, mistakenly believe that their experience is a mechanical Kings survive the pile was a bad decision for the disappearance of some firms.

Japanese Interpretation

Despite the fact that Europeans have in the escalation techniques, Seiko was simultaneously a fresh look at quartz and the Japanese company, the first quartz watch - the 35SQ Astron Watch - Tokyo, 25 December 1969. It is expensive, it costs 450,000 yen ($ 1250 for the 1969-exchange rate). He had a flat face, it was great (unlike the slimline Swiss mechanical watches), and has many technical difficulties that Seiko has stopped pointing out that it is only after the production to 100 hours.

However, even if they seem to defects, which the next phase of technology, to see what has never regretted it. Quartz technology, a new path in 1970, many Japanese watchmaker Seiko After the tour, as well as the Americans, after all, even the Swiss are on board - but not for other producers fell. The competition led to a leaner, more precise, less power-hungry hours. Even with the addition of other functions, such as progress anni'70 next step is nearby.

The digital display

Pulsar and the LED

In 1972, Hamilton the first digital display. He said that a new step forward in 1970, but it took two years until the 18-carat gold Pulsar, the world for the price of 2100 U.S. Dollar. Click on the page, time on a digital display of red, the light-emitting diodes (LED) display. Hamilton is a small glimpse into the future, 1968, Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which the company the futuristic digital Watch, which in the film. John Bergey, the Pulsar Hamilton said that the separation was caused by his team, with a new vision of a Watch, currently being developed.

LED creates an electrical charge through inorganic materials. September-mail went to each of the figures on the screen. The first red light is used, and aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs), but the green LED Pulsar with gallium nitride (GaN).

Many operators have begun to believe that the new quartz analogue watches also be designed to disappear so soon after his arrival, they will not buy trend value, which is reflected in the writings of Douglas Adams and other contemporary authors late 1970 and early 1980.

Before the company could be in the "decline" of analog hours, however, that states that a decline in prices of digital successor. The competition in the digital zoom and 1975 were not available in more than 80 varieties. This competition helped lower prices, but is still out of reach for the average consumer.

The reason for the plastic --

Texas Instruments a digital Watch with the masses, just as Henry Ford has the car. In 1975, first with LED price is $ 20, next year it was almost half. This level of competition saw Pulsar lose $ 6 million and to competitors twice in one year, then was a subsidiary of Seiko and back to an analog quartz watch.

Digital LCD Watch

Digital LCD Watch, even at the end of 1970, two more hands - wear watches, and click the button to get to the flag. The reason is that the LEDs used in large quantities of stored energy from small power plants of cells, which can be installed in the apartment. Another innovation, digital Watch, a free hand to hold, in a way not seen as a replacement pocket watch.

The liquid crystal display was in 1972 with the invention of the Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display (TNLCD), after decades of research on liquid crystals Corps University. This reduces the ability of light to their obligations. Nevertheless, this first phase has proved to be impractical, since the lack of chemical stability and photochemical nematic materials in the form of liquid crystals in a double temperature1. A year later, the problem was resolved when the researchers discovered that the crystal as a cyano-biphenyl, you can do to move from one type to another in the vicinity of room temperature, and then in the LCD. They were first in calculator, and in 1972 on the screens are too big for hours.

Nevertheless, in 1973, Seiko is still in the eye, this time with the first use of the Watch. It was a six-digit display. Less power than LCD LED displays, the screen was installed, the seconds on the display.

Swiss quartz, finally, the digital technology, but there is a chance for the Japanese and Americans, not the abolition of the elegant analogue quartz.

The development of the digital Watch

In 1980 he saw the development of digital watches. Calendars and events to see, but the Japanese were already in the development of technologies.

It's hard to believe, but in 1982, Seiko a Watch with a small TV screen. In the same year Casio with a thermometer and another could be 1500 words in the English language in Japan. This technology has changed over the cracks and boundaries and will be sufficient if a mini-Japanese were on a digital Watch. In 1987 Casio a Watch to select a phone number, and the citizens, based on the disclosure of the votes.

In 1990, the promotion of solar digital watches. Even if some were in 1970, further improvements are allowed a more rational use of energy. Thus, they can be more energy over a long period. 1995 Exhibition of the visa, Timex Data Link Watch which allows users to request information from your computer on the wrist.

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